Defining the Problem

Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis is a journey involving a child and caregiver that begins from early childhood and continues into young adulthood. Responsibility and control of the disease transitions from caregivers to kids as they get older. Our team was asked to dig into the unique underlying needs, emotions and engagement with Atopic Dermatitis before, during and after this transition to determine areas of opportunities for our healthcare client. The opportunities would inspire new treatments that caregivers would trust and set up patients for a successful, well-adjusted future.

Finding the Design Solution

I was tasked to design a pediatric patient journey that brings to life the emotional journey of a child suffering with Pediatric Dermatitis and his/her caregiver. The journeys of the child and caregiver run in parallel but the emotional difficulties and responsibilities shift to the child as she/he gets older. My solution was to tell the story as a journal that is shared between mother and son. Their voices and entries are obviously differentiated by font styles, photographs and graphic elements.