Raluca Preda

Hi! Hey! Hello!

I'm Raluca. The name is Romanian and yes, I am Romanian. Almost my entire and huge extended family and I immigrated to NYC when I was 3.5. It's a great story, which I would love to tell you one day.

I feel so lucky to be a Graphic Designer! I consider myself a classic graphic designer (that’s a thing, right?) with a broad yet refined set of skills. Throughout my career I’ve pushed myself to learn, grow and develop different points of view and skills by working in a variety of industries. I’ve worked on editorial design for the largest publisher in Australia, package design for a global skincare and beauty company and most recently at a global innovation consultancy where I learned to simultaneously be an audacious and emphathic designer. My most ambitious project to date was designing and opening Merriweather Coffee + Kitchen in the West Village with my husband. You could say it’s the family business!

Let's chat!
Email me at ralucamara@gmail.com. Download my resume.

In my element, summer 2018: traveling, discovering cultures, traditions, architecture and delicious food.
This was taken in Matera, Italy.  Matera is one of the oldest continuously inhabited
cities in the world, having been inhabited since the 10th millennium BC. It is the 2019 European Capital of Culture.