Defining the Problem

We know Millennials just do things differently. Take work, for example. Their work day starts as soon as they open their eyes and pick up their phone. They have flexible working hours and mobile working spaces. They are driven and always “on”. With that said, even the way they eat and what they eat during the day has drastically changed.  What is the ideal work food to keep Millennials on top of their game - mentally, emotionally and physically? What is the perfect combination of nutrition, delight, taste and texture? Our team was asked to help define a leapfrog product for Millennials in the workplace and take it to launch through rapid, iterative sprints.    

Finding the Design Solution

We designed a resealable, portable and conveniently square-shaped package containing 4 bite size snacks. It’s perfectly sized to take on-the-go allowing you the freedom to eat how many you want, when you want them. The snacks come as mess-free cubes, each one made with real and delicious ingredients known for providing energy and focus.