Defining The Problem

Our client, a global brewing company was looking to grow their pipeline by disrupting the world of mixed drinks with a new-to-world masterbrand aimed at millenials. To create and recommend a completely new beverage it was our duty to understand this new tribe of young adults, their social lives, drinking rituals, pain points and unmet needs. What we uncovered is that Millenials lean into their crew heavily so they have the confidence to bring their authentic true selves to the table - they aspire to be different while relying on their tribe for support. During a night out they want to maximize the experience while maintaining control and staying in the zone. The opportunity we saw for our client was to create a drink living at the intersection of spirits and beer that would inspire individuals to confidently stand out with fitting in with their chosen crew.

Finding the Design Solution

I was tasked to bring this new-to-world drink to life on bottle and design a branded strategic playbook. Grounded in our research of our millennial audience, this new drink had to be a visual representation of this individual in the pursuit of the extraordinary. The overall color scheme of black and white is critical in communicating boldness while being the unifier, like the group. The back label, seen through the front of the bottle is a highly illustrative and stylized ampersand. The beauty of the ampersand is it’s flexibility. It obviously refers back to the group/the tribe but as an iconic symbol it stands alone, taking on many different styles, similar to the individual craving to be sophisticated and expressive. Peeking through the front glass, the ampersand takes on unique intrigue and stands out depending on the flavor of the drink. Each flavor is highlighted by a pop of color and a collage of exciting illustrations created to keep the conversation going.

The collage of illustrations within the ampersand are unique to each flavor. The are full of personality, highly engaging in their intrigue and express the brand’s attributes in a way that is completely functional and emotional. They equally elevate and differentiate the brand from current bottled mixed drinks in the market.

The strategic playbook is a branded and highly visual book containing the business opportunity strategy, a brand deep dive, top level design principles and design guidelines and additional design concepts for a long-term pipeline of new innovation territories.