Defining the Problem

A global healthcare company was preparing to release a revolutionary biopharmaceutical drug for patients with high cholesterol and the looming threat of heart disease. With a well designed auto-injector pen and brand positioning ready to launch to the public, the fact remained that competitors racing to launch the same drug had very similarly designed pens and competitive brand positioning. 

These things were certain and couldn’t be compromised: the pen was already very well designed, the frequency of injection is every two weeks, the secondary packaging was already developed, and most importantly, patients don’t want to spend too much time thinking about their cholesterol or using their auto-injector.

The big question we had to tackle was, how can we use packaging to make the drug treatment experience better for patients and ultimately, create the most well rounded patient experience in the market?

Finding the Design Solution

After weeks of interviewing, observing and co-creating with patients in their homes we landed the 4 major needs around the injection journey - prep, disposal, guidance and personality. More importantly, we discovered pain-points that could be addressed just through the packaging. I designed several uncomplicated yet unique structures with simple yet approachable graphics that made the entire experience more pleasant, less clinical and extremely thoughtful. Key elements included in package: envelopes for disposing and mailing biohazard materials, magnets to remember when and where was last injection, unbranded and modern design.

In this concept, the experience is designed as a kit that can be stored wherever is most convenient for the patient. The supplies are laid out in the sequence that they are used, in order to easily guide the patient through the injection process - from start to finish.

The kit includes alcohol swabs for cleaning the injection site, a cradle to hold the pen during warming, gauze for dabbing any blood, as well as a prepaid mailer to safely send back the used pen for proper disposal.

The kit provides an easy-to-use, magnetic, tracking tool that helps the patient log their last injection date and location so that the patient can easily remember to rotate injection sites and be sure that they always know when they last took their medication.

The second concept is a single serve package that presents the patient with all of the supplies the need for one injection, nothing more, nothing less.

Upon opening the package, the patient is greeted with a friendly and easy to understand layout. They are presented with simple instructions and all of the supplies needed for a single injection. No longer does the patient need to manage another pen that will be used at a later date.

Once the patient has completed the injection, they are ready to dispose of all their waste materials. All they have to do is snap the used pen back into the custom designed cavity, tear away the back cover which reveals the prepaid mailer and an adhesive strip to seal the package. Now the entire package is ready to be placed into the mail for proper disposal.